Banking / Land and Title

Aggressive pricing and unparalleled quality standards.

We have years of title and title business management experience, including services like: Title Production, Order Management, Vendor Management, Clients Services, Back Office and product development. 

We are a business process  enterprise and we specialize in delivering comprehensive products and solutions driven by technology for the title insurance, mortgage, banking, cards & payments and lender placed insurance industry.

Our deep domain expertise and multi industry experience helps our clients to increase revenue, optimizing costs, and mitigating risks.

Key Characteristics

Flexible Cost Business Models

NeST offers a variable product cost (piece rate) with a fixed staff cost which provides a unique cost business model that improves our client´s ROI.

Flexible Staffing Model

We are proud to provide products strictly as a vendor or can function as a true partner which gives us the ability to act as an extension of the client office. Offering a true partnership gives us the opportunity to grow and streamline the business for our clients.

Expansive Software Division

NeST facilitates and stramlines the process by providing platform integration, automation implementation and an order management platform for development for our clients.

Product Offerings

Order Entry

Search and Abstracting

HOA Search

Data Entry

Report Typing and Keeping

Commitment Typing

Tax Searching

Any real estate related projects

Property Report QC