Automation with seamless integration

Right from its inception, NeST Software has made a mark in Automation and built it as a major domain for its operations. NeST has developed Automation solutions which are easy to integrate and with adherence to global Automation standards for leading players of Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution , Semiconductor Manufacturing, Enterprise Wide monitoring solutions,Agro Processing and Pharma Industries from US, Europe and Japan.

The intelligence built in the solutions we provide for manufacturing industries reduces the time to market, and increases throughput. Our solutions are highly user-friendly, flexible, scalable and built on latest hardware and software platforms & technologies for seamless integration. 

Our Solutions

Semiconductor Automation

Our solutions help you in automating, testing, and integrating your equipment with connectivity to semiconductor wafer fabs and MES.


Leveraging 13 years of product development and fab-deployment experience, NeST is now offering solutions and services to Photo-Voltaic industry.

Power Industry

NeST has the entire spectrum of capabilities to provide services to control and monitor all the elements involved - right from power generation to final distribution at the consumer end.

Enterprise Wide Monitoring Systems

NeST provides integrated enterprise-wide solutions and services for enhanced data acquisition, visualization, validation, presentation and distribution.

Our global spread makes us a close reach to our customers in providing anytime anywhere support within the time limit.

Combining the domain expertise and the engineering skills; NeST aimed to be a true value partner for the full spectrum of Automation , ranging from plant floor to the interface to enterprise business systems.

Automation graphic depicting the flow of Process Control and Industrial Automation